It’s likely that once you’ve settled with an IT services and support provider, you might not consider switching unless you encounter a major issue.  However, it’s a good idea to evaluate your relationship with your existing provider on a regular basis. In this post, we identify the key signs it’s the right time to switch your IT services provider.  

Adding Value

The best provider should bring a wealth of fresh ideas to the table from an IT strategy point of view.  They should be on hand to help you overcome the ongoing challenges your business faces and not just there when they want to sell you something new.  

Recurring Issues

If the same issues keep on hindering your business when it comes to IT, take this as a warning flag and a sign that your IT provider isn’t working to analyse the root cause of the issues.  If they’re not working in a proactive manner, which means other things such as security updates, patch fixes and general monitoring will also be falling by the wayside.  

You Have Security Issues

Cyber security, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, is a major issue to most businesses.  Your IT services provider should be constantly monitoring and reviewing the threat of a cyber attack upon your business, and offering new solutions as to how to prevent them.  This should be inline with your current business processes.  

Prevailing threats should be explained to you clearly so you understand the risks, and these should be factored into all business planning.  Your IT partner should also recognize that often it’s your employees that are your biggest risk when it comes to security, and therefore they should spend the time required to educate them on best security practices in order to protect your business.

You can’t rely upon them

Should a disaster occur, your IT partner should provide you with the safety net you need. Inevitably, disasters will sometimes occur, but, with the right IT support in place, they shouldn’t bring your business to a halt.  Your IT partner should work with you to develop an adequate disaster recovery plan, and you need to have the confidence in whoever you choose to work with that they will quickly be able to get you back up and running should you need them to.  

There’s a breakdown in communication

If you have to constantly chase up IT issues you raise, it’s time to look for a new IT support provider.  If communication is poor, there is no way your relationship will work in the long term.  

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A few things organizations can do to protect themselves from cyber threats

Whether you’re working alone or seeking the services of IT support in London, you need to increase cyber security at your workplace. You can do this in the following ways:

• Educate employees
With cyber security, it’s important for your employees to actively apply the action plans. However, if they do this, they need to be educated about cyber crime, the attacks they may experience and what they can do to stop this from happening.

• Structure and safe-guard your data
The most-important thing to do is for you to identify what data is important for your organisation. That way you can re-structure data and add additional levels of protection. Backups and recovery plans must be in place to also ensure safety in case of a cyber attack. Therefore, this exercise will help you identify if there is any data theft.

• Draft a response plan
Set up a cyber security team in your organization. Ask them to come up with a flexible plan and apply this to keep your data safe. You can also seek input from your IT support.

• Equip yourself with new-age skills
Finally, upgrade your cyber security skill sets by having someone personally trained. Remember that just as hacking technology becomes more tricky, so does anti-hacking security technology. We would advise you to consult an IT company for the latest technology.

The key signs it’s time to switch your IT services provider IT-MSP

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