IT-MSP employ passionate people who are expert communicators. Why? Because we believe in making IT support as simple to understand and easy to use as possible. We want you to be educated and informed about the decisions you’re making and the difference IT can make to your business.

What makes us different? We don’t use the “one-size fits all” approach. We get to know your business and everyone in it, what it needs and how we can support you, in addition we’ll give you the best solutions at the best possible prices. Furthermore, our engineers/developers have been managing IT solutions and strategy for a range of clients. We pride ourselves on being transparent. In conclusion, what you see, is what you get. Above all else, we are committed to keeping the IT simple and seamless for you.


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We believe scalable solutions are perfect for every business. We will always be flexible with you as we understand not every business has the same support needs. Therefore, if you’re looking for a tailor made support plan get in touch today and find out how cost effective and ideal our solutions are. Whether you’re looking for broadband, business phones, IT support or development we have a team of highly skilled engineers and consultants, who can certainly help you with any IT matter.

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“We have worked with IT-MSP on a number of projects. I would certainly recommend them to other businesses who are looking for a reliable and responsive MSP. In addition they are very professional and a polite team.”

“Great service. They are responsive and efficient and as a result I would not hesitate to call them again. “

Lamia M, E-ACT Academies

“Very friendly and unprejudiced as I’m not the smartest with technology. Above all, I would definitely use IT-MSP again and would recommend for everyone.”

Fatiha L, B Quality

“I was really impressed by the on boarding process and attention to detail. Similarly, their engineers are easy to talk to and most importantly, really helpful when we need support.”

Safae A, Cheap Escapes

IT-MSP LTD have a great knowledge of software & hardware for both Mac’s & PC’s resulting in efficient diagnostics. Furthermore, they were reliable and friendly, we’re yet to have an issue that has not yet been resolved and supported in good time. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend!

Natasha Kerswell, The Village Films

I was really impressed for their service. They solved my problem very efficiently. Therefore, I would highly recommend their services for others.

Sam Powell

We contacted IT MSP to provide ongoing IT support for our small firm in South London. From the outset they have been extremely helpful and responsive, providing professional support at a really reasonable cost, far outstripping the service we received from our previous, more expensive IT company. 

Jeremy James, Resonics

IT-MSP Ltd deserves five star rating from me for their professionalism & good price.

Zak Henry

Really Professional and Helpful Staff. Youssef was really understanding and helped us on-board  with ease. In conclusion, I would certainly recommend IT-MSP and their engineers.

Philip Moore, Home User

Their engineers are very friendly and really helpful. 

Cameron Goodwin

IT-MSP have “Saved our bacon” a number of times…we have worked with a few MSP’s and by far this is the most personal and professional service yet. Finally, they are really tech savvy and always happy to help.

Toffs edward




Simple is the solution.