As technology continues to transform the way we work, more businesses (like yourselves) should outsource your IT. Businesses are under more pressure to support, manage and resolve their IT problems. All businesses no matter what size, should consider outsourcing to experts, because it’s more cost-effective due to having staff trained to handle a wide variety of IT issues. Similarly, this helps businesses focus on their niche instead of figuring out things outside their field of expertise.

Here’s 6 reasons why outsourced IT support is the best option for your business:

1. Manage IT Costs

You only pay for what you use when you need it! An in-house IT support team creates a lot of expenses, from training to equipment purchases, upgrades, and maintenance. In addition, this makes it hard for companies to track and manage their finances. As costs would be harder to manage; from a server that suddenly dies out, to staff who quit. Above all, an IT Manager has an average annual salary in the region of £50,000 per annum.

Most importantly, when you outsource your IT, the support team are able to solve IT-related problems quicker and can give you a more reliable and measured monthly expense that only increases as your company grows.

2. Better security

If your company doesn’t specialize in IT, then chances are that an in-house IT team will make a few security mistakes. Therefore, this could put your company’s sensitive information at risk. Security breaches are often hacked with a mix of social engineering and other approaches to steal confidential data. Fortunately,when you outsource your IT, they have dealt with a lot of attacks from hackers and are above all, more familiar with their techniques. Outsourced IT companies will be faster and more efficient to deal with the security issues of your company.

3. Trained, Experienced, Qualified and Certified

If you’re not IT trained, how can you assure an employee is qualified? Just because you’re qualified and have certifications doesn’t mean you’re experienced. You need someone that can manage issues from hacking, cybercrime, phishing etc. However, when you outsource your IT support would be more comforting as they deal with these types of issues on a daily basis.

4. Risk management

Working with outsourced IT experts should not only mean that you reduce the number of problems on your business, but also in the event of a problem someone else is responsible to get things working correctly and in good time.

5. Focus on core operations

Outsourcing IT services allows business managers to concentrate, most importantly on core goals and business objectives. Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time outside of the core business objectives. Therefore, outsourcing can help your business stay focused and not get distracted by difficult IT decisions.

6. Quickly Implement New Technology

A quality outsourced IT organisation will have the resources to start new projects right away. However, handling the same project in-house might involve weeks or months. You’ll have to hire the right people, train them, and provide the support they need. Quality IT companies will bring years of experience in the beginning, and therefore save you time and money.

In conclusion, when you own a start-up or SME, you can’t afford to waste time handling IT issues. Whilst your competitors are busy developing their products, winning more customers, and coming up with innovative business development strategies. Therefore, outsourcing an IT support team, you can free up valuable company resources so you can focus on marketing, product development and customer experience.

2020 trends

Here are the IT outsourcing trends that will rule in 2020:

  • Less focus on driving cost reductions

  • Shift away from a single IT in-house provider

  • The rise of alternative IT outsourcing destinations

  • Brand-new contract models

  • Outsourcing of core business services

  • Intelligent automation of manual processes

  • Cloud sourcing

6 reasons why you should outsource your IT support IT-MSP

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