IT-MSP LTD provides a complete telephony system for your business. It provides a comprehensive range of facilities and features that allow you to link your fixed and mobile telephony easily and efficiently, helping you to improve your productivity and corporate image at an affordable price.

  • Hosted, cloud telephony service that is easy to use and simple to configure

  • Calls are made and received over a voice-over-internet broadband connection

  • Configure and monitor your phones through a very straightforward web portal

  • Using the system is just like using a traditional telephone, you don’t need any specialist knowledge or skills to make the most of all the features it provides

  • Ideal for all sized businesses, whether you operate from one location or multiple sites

  • Link your office phones to mobiles, so it is also ideal for businesses whose employees are regularly on the move

  • Comprehensive range of administrative and call features make it a perfect alternative to traditional PBX systems

Why choose Hosted Voice?

Traditional telephone lines – also known as ISDN lines – have been in use by businesses since the late 1980s. By 2025, these traditional lines will no longer exist after BT switches off all ISDN circuits in the UK. By switching to Hosted Voice today, you’ve chosen the perfect time.

Reduce your outgoing costs by up to 35% when switching to our Hosted Voice system and benefit from boosted productivity rates with mobility packages, which includes presence software so you always know where your employees are.

And with IT-MSP HT there are no hidden extras. IT-MSP HT comes as a fully featured system as standard, and the administrative features make it easy to manage, and monitor your telephone usage, performance and costs.



  • 30 day rolling license – The advantage of this is scalability without any penalty

  • BYOD – Should you have existing IP phones that are approved on the platform, you can re-use the hardware (please get in touch for the approved list)

  • Bundled minutes per seat, shared across your entire customer base

  • All seats come with a Mitel IM and presence software

  • Voicemail to Email – Retrieve voicemails without dialing into the system

  • Call Recording – Record any call at the touch of a button

  • Twin Ring – Receive calls on all your devices at the same time

  • Music on Hold – Upload music to entertain your customers while they wait

  • Disaster Recovery – Environments can easily reroute calls should an outage occur


A powerful cloud phone system for a truly anywhere experience

CircleLoop is a modern, flexible and reliable replacement for your business phone system. It enables an in-office experience for all mobile workers, remote teleworkers and business travelers, using the device of their choice – be it a smartphone, tablet or PC. Easily bring your entire phone system together with simple yet powerful desktop and mobile apps, so you can work anywhere you like.

With no legacy hardware to install, no setup fees and no line rental, you can instantly reduce your costs and focus on the parts of your business that matter. Consolidate mobile contracts and legacy-based hardware into one monthly price, while enjoying unlimited minutes and a high-quality audio service. Easily choose from a huge range of UK 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers, regardless of location, and retain a professional image from anywhere.

Seamlessly integrate your data with CRM

CircleLoop is home to several integrations that can help you access customer data faster. By accessing the settings menu within the desktop or mobile application, customers can immediately turn on or off integrations to popular CRM and notification solutions such as Nimble CRM, among others. Plus, you can enable features such as click to call and automate call activity logging to save time.

The benefits of using CircleLoop…

A Truly Anywhere Solution

Switch between mobile and desktop applications and UK local and mobile numbers in an instant. In any location, with HD call quality.

No Legacy Hardware Required

With no legacy hardware required, you will find your productivity is boosted by using desktop or mobile applications from your own devices.

Unlimited Minutes

Call any UK Landline and mobile number free of charge with your subscription, so there’s no need to keep an eye on call charges.

Improves Brand Image

Circleloop keeps your business brand at the height of it’s professionalism. Choose from 640+ UK geographic locations so you can easily connect with a potential customer.

Boost your productivity

Integrate your business CRM software with Circleloop to enable click to call directly from your customer database on the app.

Design Customer-Friendly Menus

Set up welcome greetings and IVR menus, create teams and options for r-routing to make the customer experience as easy and friendly as possible.

Plans & Pricing

Bundled minutes per seat consist of 2000 minutes to 01/02 and UK mobile (main networks) you can also double up on minutes for £3 per user per month


£895monthly +VAT
  • 2000 minutes bundle
  • Free call divert & forwarding
  • Call/Hunt group
  • Minimum of 5 licenses
  • Music on hold
  • Call recording
  • Plus more!


£1395monthly +VAT
  • Unlimited minutes to UK mobile/Landlines
  • Call recording
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call queues
  • Call/Hunt group
  • No legacy hardware required
  • Plus more!

For more information contact us on 0207 112 4812 or email [email protected]