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The top 6 signs you need to look out for. 

Due to advancements in technology, changing IT providers has never been easier. So if the following 6 points ring a bell, perhaps you should consider it?

Poor Communication

Your I.T support provider should always be able to respond rapidly to your requests when needed. As an MSP, we’re on the move most of the time, therefore there is a necessity for us to be accurate and crisp in our communication with your employees and management team. Your I.T provider should always be proactive in resolving issues in the fastest time.

Repetitive I.T problems

If you are experiancing the same I.T issue frequently with no suitable remedy, this can be a big sign to look out for. Your I.T provider should always be able to offer a solution to the issue you’re experiancing. If your contract is set up by the hour, it may be worth moving to a monthly contract where there is a set price regardless of how much fixing is needed.

Value for bussiness

Your I.T provider should be always be able to add supplementary value to your business by strategic guidance and a well-structured approach. Properly executed, this can result in cost saving, performance increase and a better substructure for the increase of the business. Is your provider making the right technology recommendations for you?

Backup and restore

There should always be consistent backups done on your data in case of any accident is to happen, you should always be able to restore your content. If your I.T provider fails to do or suggest this then there should be no mercy. Lost data is priceless and can cost you your entire business.

Lack of security

Cyber-attacks are on the increase and this is one area where your I.T provider should always be alert on. There should be a frequent check for phishing attacks, spam email, viruses, malware and more. Your I.T provider should be able to instruct you and your staff in techniques that will insure these attacks do not become an issue.

Safety net in the event of a disaster

It is imperative that your I.T provider has a disaster recovery solution in the case of any disasters such as a fire or flooding. Failure to have an adequate disaster recovery solution and business continuity plan could mean that they are in breach of compliance. You need to have complete faith that your provider will be able to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible, including allowing you to work remotely with complete access to all files and applications while your office location is out of use. Always ask your provider about their ‘business continuity plan’ and how they fit in. If they can’t answer convincingly, it’s a big sign it’s time to change. With IT-MSP, we can have our clients up and running within 2 hours.

Your next steps

Are those 6 signs raising alarms? The next steps you may need to take are:

1. Review I.T support with your current supplier 
2. Talk about ways that the service could be improved and what your expectations are from the supplier
3. If all fails, it’s time to look for a new provider, and why not IT-MSP?

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